Appendix B. Self-Test: Managing Versus Leading

Below are twenty-four questions—four for each of six major aspects of a leader's role. Answer each question as quickly and candidly as you are able—True or False—and keep track of your answers.


  1. I invest time in planning. T/F

  2. I have little time for planning ahead. T/F

  3. I involve others in shaping plans. T/F

  4. I tend to operate on a short-term or crisis-to-crisis basis. T/F

Goal Setting

  1. I work with others to develop goals and plans to achieve them. T/F

  2. When I set goals, I tend to hand them down to employees as instructions. T/F

  3. I make sure that goals and expectations are always written down and clear, and they inform my management. T/F

  4. 8. I am more activity- and task-oriented than results- and goal-driven. ...

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