Appendix B. Handy Rebel Lists

20 Ways to Be a More Effective Rebel

  • Be positive.
  • Frame it.
  • Stay out of drama.
  • Judge ideas, not people.
  • When angry, stop and wonder why.
  • Strive for influence, not power.
  • Start the flame; tap into the collective brilliance of others to fuel the fire.
  • Share the glory.
  • Communicate in ways that create clarity from complexity.
  • Address the cost/value tradeoff.
  • Let ideas breathe.
  • Pick the right boss or executive sponsor.
  • Ask good questions; become a keen listener.
  • Learn how to facilitate messy collaboration.
  • Address the fears.
  • Show how success can be measured.
  • Learn how to have constructive conversations.
  • Be thoughtful in all you do.
  • Know when to walk away.
  • Believe you are enough.

Top 10 Rebel Mistakes

  • Breaking the rules because the rules aren’t for you
  • Being against the status quo instead of being for something
  • Skimping on learning the organizational landscape
  • Not linking ideas to what the organization really values
  • Avoiding conflict and controversy
  • Putting things in the wrong order
  • Wasting opportunities
  • Flirting with the dark side
  • Going it alone
  • Losing your sense of humor

Top 10 Rebel Fears

  • Losing my job
  • Hurting my chances for a promotion
  • Upsetting my boss
  • Damaging my reputation
  • Alienating my colleagues
  • Conflict, having to disagree with others
  • Looking dumb or not smart enough
  • Someone else taking credit for my idea
  • Having to present my idea to management
  • Being made accountable for running the entire effort

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