CHAPTER 21Redefining the Rebooted You

We, as human beings, only find happiness when we are in pursuit of something that gives us a sense of growth and fulfillment.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote these words to his son, Nicomachus, more than 2,000 years ago. Through our journey together you have removed the shackles that bind so many. You have realigned your belief sets back to where they belong, where they were on the day that you were born. You have learned tools to keep yourself properly rooted in the right mindset. You have rebooted yourself, and with that a new and better world awaits you.With your newly rebooted brain and the perspective it creates, you've given yourself the opportunity to move through life unencumbered. You have regained your ability to become. The question now is, what will you do with your newfound freedom? How will you leverage the rebooted you? Where will you find your sense of growth and fulfillment? Who and what do you want to become?

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