5V4- Cordial Labeling of Some Ladder and Book related Graphs

Neha B. Rathod

Government Engineering College, Bhavnagar, Gujarat (INDIA) E-mail: rathodneha005@gmail.com

Kailas K. Kanani

Government Engineering College, Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA) E-mail: kananikkk@yahoo.co.in

A-cordial labeling was introduced by Mark Hovey. He introduced A -cordial labeling for an abelian group as a simultaneous generalization of cordial and harmonious labeling. If A = V4, it is known as V4 -cordial labeling. Let V4 be the Klein-four group. In this chapter we prove some ladder and book related graphs which admit V4 -cordial labeling. We prove that Book Graph B(5, n), Mobius Ladder Mn Open Ladder O(Ln) and Mongolian Tent MT(2, n) are V4 -cordial graphs.

5.1Introduction ...

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