9Sum Divisor Cordial Labeling for Vertex Switching of Cycle related Graphs

D. G. Adalja

Marwadi Education Foundation,Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: divya.adalja@marwadieducation.edu.in

G. V. Ghodasara

H. & H. B. Kotak Institute of Science,Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: gaurang_enjoy@yahoo.co.in

A sum divisor cordial labeling of a graph G with vertex set V (G) is a bijection f from V(G) to {1,2,3,,|V(G)|} such that an edge e = u v is assigned the label 1 if 2/[f(u) + f(v)] and 0 otherwise, then the number of edges labeled with 0 and the number of edges labeled with 1 differ by at most 1. A graph which admits sum divisor cordial labeling is called a sum divisor cordial graph. In this research article we prove that the graphs obtained by switching ...

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