15Antimagic Labeling of Some Star and Bistar related Graphs

Tarunkumar Chhaya

L. E. Polytechnic Ahmedabad,Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: tarunchhaya@yahoo.com

Kailas K. Kanani

Department of Mathematics,Government Engineering College,Rajkot, Gujarat (INDIA)E-mail: kananikkk@yahoo.co.in

In this chapter, we investigate antimagic labeling in the context of some standard graph operations. We prove that splitting graph of star graph K1,n and splitting graph of bistar Bm,n are antimagic. We also prove that degree splitting graph of Bn,n and restricted square graph Bm,n2 are antimagic.


Graph labeling is an assignment of numbers to the vertices or edges or both subject to certain condition(s). If the domain of function is a set of vertices ...

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