Chapter 9

Engaging and Recognizing Individuals

In This Chapter

arrow Taking stock of individual recognition preferences

arrow Making recognition part of your job

arrow Recognizing managers too

I feel one-on-one interactions is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to employee motivation, recognition, and engagement. In this chapter, I explain how best to recognize individuals, and I give you tips, techniques, and plenty of examples for moving forward.

Starting with the Basics

One of the challenges of employee motivation is that, because the concepts are so simple, they seem like common sense and thus no effort is needed to implement them. The concepts are simple, but they will not happen by magic. You need to look at the fundamentals and master those until they become a habit in how you deal with others on an ongoing basis. Here are a few fundamental concepts and principles that you can use to create a strong behavioral foundation before you act.

Start in your immediate sphere of influence

Good recognition is very personal. To be successful with it, you need to operate on a one-on-one level, so starting with the people you work or deal with on a daily basis makes the most sense. This would ...

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