Chapter 7

UCITS Funds of Hedge Funds – The New Panacea?

Louis Zanolin, Alix Capital SA, Geneva, Switzerland

Chapter Outline

7.1. Introduction

7.1.1. Market Size

7.1.2. Launches and Closures

7.1.3. Jurisdiction

7.2. Fund Structures

7.2.1. Type of Structures

Fund of Funds

Hedge Fund Index Funds

Funds of Managed Accounts


7.2.2. Multi- versus Single-Strategy FoHFs

7.3. Investment Managers

7.3.1. Investment Manager Groups

Offshore-and-Onshore Investment Managers

Onshore-Only Investment Managers

Global and Private Banks

7.3.2. Location of Investment Managers

7.4. Funds Liquidity and Fees

7.4.1. Liquidity

7.4.2. Fees

7.5. Return and Risk Analysis

7.5.1. Analysis of UCITS FoHFs versus UCITS Single Hedge Funds

7.5.2. Analysis of Investment Managers ...

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