Configuring resources

Virtual machines require CPUs, memory, storage, and network access, similar to physical machines. This recipe will show you how to set up a basic KVM environment for easy resource management through libvirt.

A storage pool is a virtual container limited by two factors:

  • The maximum size allowed by qemu-kvm
  • The size of the disk on the physical machine

Storage pools may not exceed the size of the disk on the host. The maximum sizes are as follows:

  • virtio-blk = 2^63 bytes or 8 exabytes (raw files or disk)
  • EXT4 = ~ 16 TB (using 4 KB block size)
  • XFS = ~8 exabytes

Getting ready

For this recipe, you will need a volume of at least 2 GB mounted on /vm and access to an NFS server and export.

We'll use NetworkManager to create a bridge, so ensure ...

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