Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting Techniques That Pay Off

Book description

Salespeople can get the edge on competitors by transforming the dreaded cold call into a red-hot sale. The dynamic new book Red-Hot Cold Call Selling will show them how!

Drawing on the author's vast enthusiasm and on insights acquired over a successful career, Red-Hot Cold Call Selling outlines valuable strategies and techniques for developing a complete selling system that works.

Readers will learn what sales prospecting really is and why it's a key element in any winning sales formula. Plus, they will discover:

  • how to make themselves "rejection proof"

  • how to dissect the cold call and create a personalized script

  • how to enhance their probability of success by following the "Ten Commandments of Prospecting," and much more...

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Preface
    4. Prospecting: An Essential Element to Your Selling Success
      1. Steps in the Sales Cycle
      2. Your Path to Success
    5. What Is Prospecting?
      1. Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
      2. The Sun Does Rise in the East and Set in the West
      3. What's in It for Me?
      4. The Law of Sowing and Reaping
      5. A Positive Outlook
    6. Why Prospect?
      1. A Day in the Life of a Sales Professional
      2. Just Do It
    7. Becoming Rejection-Proof
      1. Educating Your Prospects
      2. Continuing the Selling Process
      3. Persistence Pays Off
      4. Overcoming the Fear of Rejection Through Diversification
      5. Believe in Your Product; Believe in Yourself
    8. Smart Prospecting
      1. Fishing for Whales
      2. The Sales Portfolio
      3. Defining Your Target Market
      4. Segmenting Your Target Market
      5. Goals for Your Target Market
      6. Winning With Smart Prospecting
    9. The Ten Commandments of Prospecting
      1. Make an appointment with yourself for one hour each day to prospect.
      2. Make as many calls as possible.
      3. Make your calls brief.
      4. Be prepared with a list of names before you call.
      5. Work without interruption.
      6. Consider prospecting during off-peak hours if conventional prospecting times don't work.
      7. Vary your call times.
      8. Be organized.
      9. See the end before you begin.
      10. Don't stop.
      11. A Reminder
    10. Anatomy of a Cold Call
      1. Get the Prospect's Attention
      2. Introduce Yourself
      3. State Your Reason for Calling
      4. Ask a Question
      5. Get the Appointment
      6. Review the Cold Call Script
      7. Your Cold Calling Tool Kit
    11. Your Prospecting and Business Development Strategy
      1. Getting the Appointment
      2. Losing a Sale: What Next?
    12. Handling Objections
      1. Developmental Stages in the Learning Process
      2. Famous Objections
      3. Can You Turn Around Every Objection?
    13. Working With Voice Mail, Administrative Assistants, and Secretaries
      1. Working With Voice Mail
      2. Working With Administrative Assistants or Secretaries
    14. Public Relations: How to Make Your Prospects Come to You
      1. Press Releases
      2. Newsletters
      3. Public Speaking
      4. Networking
    15. How to Leverage Your Success
    16. Tracking Your Progress
      1. Arguments Against Sales Reporting
      2. Arguments Supporting Sales Reporting
      3. Your Sales Tracking Form
    17. Conclusion
      1. Final Thoughts: The Four Steps to Success
    18. Bibliography

    Product information

    • Title: Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting Techniques That Pay Off
    • Author(s): Paul S. Goldner
    • Release date: August 1995
    • Publisher(s): AMACOM
    • ISBN: 0814478808