Secondary Sources

Artworks Referenced

Debussy, Claude. Prélude á l’après-midi d’un faune. Paris, FR: Jean Jobert, 1922.

Dufy, Raoul. Regatta at Cowes, 1934. Oil painting. Washington D.C. National Gallery of Art.

Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich. Pictures at an Exhibition. Saint Petersburg, RU: W. Bessel & Co., 1886.

Rand, Paul. Magazine cover of Direction 3, no. 6, 1940. Paul-Rand.

Rand, Paul. Magazine cover of Direction, Fall 1945. Paul-Rand.

Rand, Paul. Magazine cover of Jazzways 1, 1946. It’s Nice That.

Rodin, Auguste. The Thinker, 1880–1881. Bronze sculpture. Rodin Museum, Paris.

Seurat, Georges. Un dimanche ...

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