Appendix A. Scripts and Sample Programs

THE BODY OF THIS BOOK CONTAINS MANY CODE SAMPLES AND SNIPPETS. I TOOK QUITE A NUMBER OF them (and slightly adapted them for confidentiality reasons) from code I have audited and modified; because these samples cannot run without a full array of tables and indexes filled with classified data, providing them makes little sense.

This book also includes many other programs and examples that I wrote specifically for it (which I sometimes merely allude to), as well as utility scripts that query the data dictionary and are of general use. These programs and scripts are available for download. You will find them on the O’Reilly website for this book,

This appendix describes what you will find for download and provides a number of additional comments, which I hope you’ll find interesting.

Because most people are interested in one particular DBMS, I have regrouped the code samples based on DBMS, with one archive file per DBMS. Within each archive file, I organized the code samples by chapter (one directory per chapter).

Note that some of the programs I wrote specifically for one DBMS and did not port them to the others (e.g., this is the case in all the Chapter 7 examples that were written for MySQL exclusively). In several cases, you can adapt them to other products with some minor changes. Therefore, don’t hesitate to look at the code for the other products if you are interested in a program that ...

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