Chapter 5Experimenting with the Total Market Approach

I moved to New York in 2008 after working down in Austin, Texas. Life was good down south; my family and I loved the weather, our home, and our community. But much as we loved it, we decided that we needed to make our own version of a great northern migration—and headed to New York. Just as it was a generation before, that's where the jobs were—specifically for me, where the agencies were.

After practicing and building the cross-cultural approach, I saw a larger opportunity beyond marketing and at the enterprise level. For brands and businesses, the Total Market transformation had to happen at the enterprise level, and I knew I had to make another big shift. Not out of New York—but out of advertising altogether. I took a deep breath and jumped, forming a new company called REFRAME: The Brand in 2014 dedicated to teaching individuals, brands, and enterprises how to adapt to the new marketplace. I told my wife, only partially in jest, that I had finally made it off the plantation.

This chapter will give you an overview of the Total Market Enterprise approach. It's the same program that my new company sells to major global brands interested in becoming New Majority ready using the Total Market Enterprise approach. Following this introduction, we'll go through each of the five key steps for your Total Market Enterprise transformation.

What Is the Total Market Enterprise Approach?

You can develop a Total Market approach using ...

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