CHAPTER 12Where Rehumanization Is Now and Where It's Headed

The English word “education” has two different Latin roots: educare and educere. Educare means to train, to mold, or to nourish. Educere means to lead out, to draw from, or to bring forth.1 Both have been goals leading into this final chapter. We've sought to share years of experience, insight, and expertise from pioneering the personal video movement with and through our customers and team members. That's educare. As the dozens of people mentioned in this book and thousands more like them have already done, you must reflect and self-identify as a participant and practitioner. You must discover your own motivations and find your opportunities to get started or to go deeper. That's educere. Our highest goal is to equip and inspire you to rehumanize some of your digital communication with personal video messages. You'll be glad you did. We need to see you.

The technologies, tools, and platforms described throughout this book will continue to change. Internet speeds will increase, as will smartphone and webcam video quality. Will our recorded, moving images become holographic? Will we blend virtual or augmented reality with recorded video images of ourselves in some hybrid medium? Will predictive analytics improve to the point that we know exactly who to send videos to every morning to reach the right people with the right message at the right time? Probably. But the opportunity that's in front of you right now is the ...

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