Reinvent as an Economic Necessity

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Here's a rule of thumb: During a downturn, executives are much more likely to think change is necessary. In a similar fashion, during times of great growth, we assume that what we're doing is causing the desired results so staying the course makes sense. Neither point of view is necessarily true. It could be that a rising or falling tide lifts or lowers all boats, and what our strategy needs to do is propel our organizations to better than general market outcomes!

There's a way to bringing teams together to look at organizational trade-offs-decisions across all areas of their business or department. Remember "White Boarding" -- the tool we use to envision new horizons, new products, new opportunities, new growth? Well here's a tool to help make tough decisions -- MurderBoarding(TM).

The opposite of white boarding is MurderBoarding, we select from among the many initiatives to choose only the best. The desire is to cull and eliminate. Many times resources are wasted because we try to do too much. MurderBoarding is a process that helps narrow opportunities so that decisions can be made. This methodology invites us to narrow our focus to what is critical, what is crucial.

MurderBoarding is the opportunity to let some things really flourish by trimming off the excess that can distract you and your staff. By killing those time and resource draining activities, the company or department gets "pruned" so it can come back better, stronger for it. And in reality, it's less about "killing ideas" than putting them into purgatory so they can be resurrected when the time is right.

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