Chapter 2

Markets versus Topics: Understand the Difference and Prosper

Now that you have your idea, you need to understand the difference between markets and topics. A market is who you are selling to, which is a community of like-minded people. A topic is what you are delivering, which is the subject matter of your content. With Working Moms Only, the market is clearly working moms, although there are also working dads and working women who don’t have kids. However, my advocacy is for working moms. This is the group of people I have chosen to serve. This is when my passion and purpose and profits come together.

In terms of your topic, the what, the topics can be anything. There are inbox magazines that cater strictly to foreign exchange (forex) traders. That’s their market, their who. Yet the topics published in an inbox magazine to these forex traders range from forex trading to how to build your own solar panels. That’s because your topics cover the interests of your market. Many forex traders are also interested in solar panels—how to use them and how to build them—so there’s a lot of crossover, even though the topic of solar panels has nothing to do with forex trading. Topics on range from how to be the superstar in your company to how to raise compassionate kids.

Another great example is an inbox magazine called Daily Wealth. As the name implies, this inbox magazine’s primary focus is on investing. They offer advice and opinions on stocks, gold, exchange-traded ...

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