Chapter 11

Building Your Panel: Content Is King

Your panel is what establishes trust among your subscribers. Remember, the panel model consists of multiple content providers, all experts in their particular field, with one primary expert or editor at the top.

If you’re creating an inbox magazine, that primary expert or editor will be you. When you’re in charge, you have to build the panel and make sure that every piece of content is worthy and useful to your community.

You want to list all your panel experts and their credentials to establish credibility for your inbox magazine and indirectly, for yourself somewhere on your website.

With Working Moms Only, I chose to list all the panel experts’ credentials with their headshots on a separate page called “Experts.” When you click on that navigation tab, it will take you here: (see Figure 11.1).

Figure 11.1 Working Moms Only partial list of panel experts.


Now readers can see who your experts are and what their specialty might be.

With the Money and Markets inbox magazine, Martin Weiss is truly the figurehead endorsing the rest of his panel. Notice that he has a full shot of himself, but every expert simply has a headshot and a much smaller biography (see Figure 11.2). Such a large picture might not work for other types of inbox magazines, but they can absolutely work for certain niches so ...

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