Chapter 13

Sourcing Compiled Content: Done for Your Filler

You can write content yourself, and if you follow the panel model, your panelists can create original content as well. However, sometimes you need filler content for a particular section. That’s when you may need go out and source it, even if it’s not original.

Compiled content is basically articles published elsewhere that are still relevant to your audience. Unless an article is exceptionally good, you should use compiled content for filler and never for your primary content.

The three main sources for finding compiled content are:

  • Private label resale rights (PLR content).
  • Article sites.
  • Public domain and creative commons sites.

Private Label Resale Content

Private label resale content is best known as PLR. PLR content is basically an article or e-book that someone writes and sells. Anyone buying this PLR article or e-book can now label this article or e-book as their own. The advantage of PLR content is that it can be inexpensive to buy compared to hiring a writer to create something new exclusively for you.

The disadvantage is that because anyone can buy and distribute PLR content, the quality may vary greatly and in many cases, may be virtually unusable without additional editing. Be ready to spend a lot of time browsing through PLR content until you find something suitable for your inbox magazine.

The whole point of PLR content is that you can manipulate, modify, and enhance content while claiming credit for it. ...

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