Reinventing Virtual Events

Book description

Make your next webinar something to write home about

In Reinventing Virtual Events: How to Turn Ghost Webinars Into Hybrid Go-To-Market Simulations That Drive Explosive Attendance, a team of accomplished sales and coaching leaders delivers an insightful and engaging take on how to go from just holding your webinar audiences captive to truly captivating them. In the book, you’ll learn a novel way to produce online experiences the authors call “Customer-Centric Events,” hybrid, go-to-market simulations that generate high levels of attendance and participation.

The authors upend conventional wisdom to show you how to create unconventional webinars that dazzle prospective customers and flood your pipeline. You’ll discover how to:

  • Transform your product-centric pitch-offs into innovative customer-centric events that activate and engage your ideal audience
  • Use the authors’ signature G.A.M.E.S. framework to drive high-quality leads
  • Build buzz, engagement, and interactivity directly into your virtual event and attract the top speakers in your industry

A can’t-miss playbook that turns everything you know about virtual events on its head—and shakes it up for good measure—Reinventing Virtual Events is an essential read for founders, sales professionals, business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone else with a stake in developing successful and engaging online and hybrid events.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for Reinventing Virtual Events
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Foreword
  6. Foreword
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction: It's Time to Reinvent Virtual Events by Making Them Customer‐Centric
    1. Curiosity Is the Currency of the Modern Event Flywheel
  9. SECTION 1: Inception: Design, Build, and Execute
    1. CHAPTER 1: How to Measure Event Effectiveness: Pipeline Generated versus Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
    2. CHAPTER 2: Finding Event‐Market Fit (EMF)
      1. Old way. (direct)
      2. New way. (indirect)
      3. New KPIs for Account‐Based Marketing and Sales
    3. CHAPTER 3: Targeting: Experimentation, Iteration, and Gamification
    4. CHAPTER 4: Shattering the Paradigm of Static
    5. CHAPTER 5: Go‐to‐Market (GTM) Cross‐Training Drills—Crowd Favorites
      1. No Pitch Contest
      2. Story Selling
      3. Personal Branding
      4. Metadata RevOps HIIT (High‐Intensity Interval Training)
      5. Cold Calling
      6. Email Tear‐Downs
      7. Negotiation—Not Voss
      8. Demo‐lition
    6. CHAPTER 6: Creating Hybrid Models That Pull in Audiences
    7. CHAPTER 7: Why Dynamic Environments Foster Learning and Retention
    8. CHAPTER 8: Choosing and Preparing Your Speakers
    9. CHAPTER 9: G.A.M.E.S.™: A Powerful Formula for Nailing a Customer‐Centric Event (CCE)
      1. Game Ideas
    10. CHAPTER 10: How to Pull Off a Stellar Virtual Event
    11. CHAPTER 11: Innovating Around the Curve
    12. CHAPTER 12: Becoming a Media‐Trained Emcee
    13. CHAPTER 13: Cultivating a Disruptive Mindset—Be Patient; This Could Take a While
    14. CHAPTER 14: Low Budget to High Production
    15. CHAPTER 15: Tech Stack for Modern Virtual Events
      1. Considerations:
      2. The “Essential Event Stack”
  10. SECTION 2: Promotion, Amplification, and Monetization
    1. CHAPTER 16: The Art of Branding Events
    2. CHAPTER 17: Build the Buzz Vortex; Become Your Industry Focal Point
      1. Here's the New Model That Is “Customer‐Led”
      2. Consistency, Perceived Exclusivity, Scarcity
    3. CHAPTER 18: Dark Social Community Building: Hub‐and‐Spoke Formula for Public Relations
    4. CHAPTER 19: WRKSHP™ Framework: Define the Big Problem That You Solve
    5. CHAPTER 20: Marketing in a Sales Way/Selling in a Marketing Way
      1. On Intelligent Discovery to Align Sales and Marketing
    6. CHAPTER 21: Booking Post‐Event Meetings with Strategic Unconventionality
      1. Pattern Interrupts
      2. Application: Outbound Emails + Cold Calls
      3. Examples: Time‐Tested Tactics
      4. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
    7. CHAPTER 22: Customer‐Centric Outbound (Oops, Sales Time!)
      1. Sequence DESIGN—How to Build and Architect Conversions
      2. Comms and Heuristics
      3. Heuristics (Mental Shortcuts) Examples:
      4. Hyper‐Personalization Theory
      5. Cold‐Calling Mastery
      6. Handling Objections
      7. Tailored Voicemails and Video Drops
      8. Interactive Video Prospecting
      9. Visual Prospecting—Venns
      10. Contact Marketing
      11. Political Selling
      12. Qualification Frameworks
      13. The Anchor
      14. Higher‐Risk Outreach Methods
    8. CHAPTER 23: Methods for Sophisticated Outreach
      1. Inherent Power Dynamics
      2. Sophisticated Call Anatomy
      3. Alphas and Betas
      4. Powershifting—Social Aikido/Social Tai‐chi
      5. Mastering Political Factors
      6. Symptoms versus Problems
      7. Breaking the Fourth Wall
      8. Mindset
      9. Advanced Phone Strategies
      10. Voicemails
      11. Generic Is the Enemy of Effective Event Follow‐Up
      12. Whom to Call
      13. Trade Secrets
      14. Self‐Actualized Prospects
  11. SECTION 3: Customer‐Led Everything
    1. CHAPTER 24: Customer‐Led Acquisition/Activation
      1. Customer‐Led Growth and Selling
    2. CHAPTER 25: Customer‐Led Engagement
    3. CHAPTER 26: Customer‐Led Retention/Expansion
  12. SECTION 4: Lessons from 100 GTM Events × 100 GTM Leaders
    1. CHAPTER 27: Revenue Operations (RevOps) Consolidation—Outreach
      1. GTM Lessons
      2. Key Quotes
    2. CHAPTER 28: Product‐Led Growth (PLG) Game—Formative Ventures
      1. GTM Lessons
    3. CHAPTER 29: Tech Stack Optimization Game—Sonar
      1. GTM Lessons
      2. Event marketing takeaways:
    4. CHAPTER 30: Questioning Frameworks Game—Costanoa Ventures
      1. GTM Lessons
      2. Insightful Quotes
    5. CHAPTER 31: Merger and Acquisition (M&A) GTM Game—CoachCRM
      1. GTM Lessons
    6. CHAPTER 32: GTM Playbook Scenario—Redpoint Ventures
      1. GTM Lessons
    7. CHAPTER 33: GTM Pillars Challenge—Edison Partners
      1. GTM Lessons
      2. Quotes and Insights
    8. CHAPTER 34: Disruption and Product‐Market Fit (PMF)—U+
      1. Quotes and Insights
  13. SECTION 5: Recession-Proofing Your Event Vision
    1. CHAPTER 35: The Future of Events in a Socially Distant World
      1. Customer Experience Is the New Marketing/Salesperson
      2. The Best Communities Happen When Your Users Build the Community with You
    2. CHAPTER 36: Making Virtual Event Promotions Soar in a Down Economy
      1. Customer‐Centricity
    3. CHAPTER 37: Bulletproof Lead Generation Year‐Round
    4. CHAPTER 38: Ecosystem‐Driven Events
    5. CHAPTER 39: Pivoting Your GTM in Recession with Events
    6. CHAPTER 40: Reinventing Your Reinventions
      1. What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong?
    7. CHAPTER 41: What's the Future of Events?
      1. Fine
      2. Customers Are at the Top of the Reverse Pyramid of Servant Leadership
  14. Appendix I: WRKSHP™ Examples
    1. FLYYT‐X
    2. Challenge
    3. #hypcccycld
    4. Salesborgs
    5. Challenge
    6. #hypcccycld
  15. Appendix II: Go‐to‐Market (GTM) Templates
    1. Checklist to Hold a Customer‐Centric Event (CCE)
    2. SPEARS: Hyper‐Short Emails
    3. Cold Call Follow‐Up Framework
    4. Tailored for Event Follow‐Up:
    5. RRM—Cold Call Framework (full script)
    8. Personalization Stacking
    9. TONE: DMV Approach + Air Traffic Control
    10. What's This About?
    11. Caution
    12. Signs You've Done This Method Right
    13. Classic Cold Call Way
    14. New Way
    15. Rules
    16. Venn Diagram Templates
  16. Acknowledgments
  17. Index
  18. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Reinventing Virtual Events
  • Author(s): Justin Michael, Julia Nimchinski
  • Release date: December 2022
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394159253