CHAPTER 23Methods for Sophisticated Outreach

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

— Epictetus

Schematic illustration of percentage of calls.

We can't think of anything more customer‐centric than recording and listening back to all your calls. Use technology like Gong/Chorus (ZoomInfo) to analyze keywords like competitors mentioned. Ensure you are gauging listen/talk ratio and keep track of open questions. There are all sorts of analytics bells and whistles that you can run on calls (first gaining permission to record them depending on which geo you are in). Radically, our snap poll showed under 1% do it. It's similar to manually entering data into your customer relationship management (CRM) versus auto‐capture. By implementing these best practices and technologies, sales leaders have a golden opportunity to improve visibility into forecasting and guided selling to unlock the full return on investment (ROI) of CRMs and sales engagement platforms (SEPs). (Thank you, Seth Marrs!)

The psychology of the phone has been vastly oversimplified. The majority of outbound phone techniques are fatally flawed. The spotlight is on the rep, while it must be on the prospect to gain influence and positively impact the sales process. Read the Route‐Route‐Multiply (RRM) and Route‐Ruin‐Rip (RRR) frameworks in the appendix if you haven't explored this topic/fully road‐tested it yet.

Marketers are ...

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