Release Management in TFS

Video description

In this video we are going to discuss what Release Management is while discussing the key concepts of Release Management. After we have shown you how to create and configure release environments, we are going to look at deploying to both on-premises and Azure environments

What You Will Learn

  • Ensure Key concepts in Release Management
  • Authoring a new release definition
  • Defining and using configuration variables
  • Configuring Continuous Release
  • Configuring your approval workflow
  • Cloning environments to quickly create environments
  • Releasing a web application to an IIS server with deployment
  • Releasing an Azure Web Application as well as execute tests


Aimed at software professionals including Developers, Testers, Architects, Configuration Analysts, and Release Managers who want to understand the capabilities of TFS to deliver better quality software faster

About The Author

Paul Hacker: Paul Hacker, a Principal Consultant with AgileThought, has over 15 years of application architecture, design, development, and management expertise in Microsoft technologies. Paul has a depth of experience in ALM, Process Improvement, and Team Foundation Server. Having distinguished himself as a leader in the IT industry he has been awarded the distinction of Microsoft MVP in the ALM category every year since 2006.

Product information

  • Title: Release Management in TFS
  • Author(s): Paul Hacker
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788298469