About the Author
Bill Trudell is a passionate manufacturing pro-
fessional and scholar of Lean Six Sigma. He has
worked in manufacturing for twenty-ve years
in positions ranging from assembly line worker
to middle management roles to vice president
of quality and process improvement. He is cur-
rently president of Relentless Excellence, LLC,
a Lean Six Sigma practice, and has led or been
directly involved in Lean Six Sigma transforma-
tions and projects for more than twenty years
leading three factory Lean Six Sigma transforma-
tions. Mr. Trudell graduated from the University of Tennessee and earned
an MBA from Jacksonville State University. He holds the ASQ Certied
Six Sigma Black Belt and the University of Michigan Lean Certicate. He
is APIC and NAPM certied and has attended training at the University
of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and Northwestern Universitys
Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Mr. Trudell co-authored Lean
Six Sigma at Works published by AMACOM and his eorts were high-
lighted on the April 2007 cover of Composites Manufacturing Magazine.
He currently oers Lean Six Sigma leadership services through http://

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