1Systems Engineering and the Sustainability Disciplines


1.1.1 Systems Engineers Create and Monitor Requirements

The textbook marketplace offers many high-quality books that provide the student, professional, and researcher with many points of view on the sustainability disciplines of reliability engineering, maintainability engineering, and supportability engineering. The point of view we advance here, though, is different from that of other books. This book focuses intently on the roles and responsibilities of the systems engineer in creating and monitoring the requirements for reliability, maintainability, and supportability that will guide development of products and services that are most likely to satisfy their customers and lead to success for their suppliers. Systems engineers play a pivotal role in this process. Get the requirements wrong and the likelihood of a successful product or service is almost nil. That, coupled with the importance of acting as early as possible in the development process to build in quality and reliability, compels a new emphasis on preparing systems engineers to understand how the sustainability disciplines contribute to product and service success and to enlarge their toolkit to incorporate generation and validation of sustainability requirements that promote greater product and service success. The first major purpose of this book is to provide systems engineers with the knowledge they need to craft clear, concise, ...

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