4 Implementation of Successful Reliability Testing and Prediction

Lev M. Klyatis

While there are different types of implementation, all of them must begin with the students and professionals who will be involved in the implementation learning the new approaches, technologies, strategy, methods, and about the equipment needed for practical implementation. Without first studying, learning, and teaching all those involved in the research, design, manufacturing, service, and usage of the product in the new direction of reliability prediction, ART/ADT, successful implementation will be not possible.

Learning the fundamentals necessary for implementation of new ideas, strategy, approaches, and technologies can be accomplished through:

  1. Reviewing publications detailing the new approaches and technologies in the available literature, including the various books, articles, papers, lectures, published presentations, dissertations, reports, protocols, and so on. After this, it is very important to accept the concepts advanced in this literature.
  2. Learning about the new approaches and technology from the advanced literature, including this author's lectures, tutorials, and presentations.
  3. Using these publications as references in publications of other authors.
  4. Citations of the author's basic ideas and research results, with his name, in the books, articles, papers, and project plan, providing a high level of new ideas, approaches, and technologies implementation.
  5. Include this knowledge ...

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