Remote Work Technology

Book description

Your small business survival guide for the remote work environment

In Remote Work Technology: Keeping Your Small Business Thriving From Anywhere, experienced SaaS and telecommunications entrepreneur Henry Kurkowski delivers a step-by-step walkthrough for using SaaS technology and communication apps to power your small business from anywhere on the planet.

You'll learn how to capitalize on the ability to hire a geographically distributed workforce and excel at serving clients at a distance. You'll also discover why and how you need to alter your approach to management and spot the common pitfalls that litter the way to a truly distributed business.

This important book includes:

  • Valuable case studies of businesses that embraced the reality of remote working during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and cautionary tales of unexpected challenges that arose during the transition.
  • Discussions of how to incorporate remote workers into efficient workflows to increase your business' productivity
  • Explorations of how to support your employees when you can't just pop into their office

Perfect for small business founders, owners, and managers, Remote Work Technology is also a must-read guide for independent contractors who work directly with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction
  5. CHAPTER 1: You Can't Go to the Office: Where Do You Go from Here?
    1. Disaster Strikes
    2. Management Work Policy
    3. Top Concerns of Management
    4. Do Not Fight the Tide
    5. Productivity and Job Performance
    6. Adjusting to the New Work and Home Balance
    7. Maintaining Growth and Profitability
    8. Let's Get to Work
    9. Notes
  6. CHAPTER 2: The Remote Workspace: Set Up Your Mind and Your Space
    1. Your Work Zone: Distinguished from the Rest of the House
    2. Set Healthy Boundaries with Family and Friends
    3. Self-Motivation from Home Can Be Perilous
    4. Take Breaks and Don't Feel Guilty
    5. Create a Morning Routine Different from When You Were Commuting
    6. Set Daily Goals
    7. Communication Habits: Respond Quickly and Use the Right Tools
    8. Get Dressed for Work
    9. Set Yourself Up for Success Right from the Start
    10. Notes
  7. CHAPTER 3: Office Technology: Stay Connected and Competitive
    1. VoIP: From Desktop to Soft Phones and Features
    2. Email, Chat, and Channels
    3. Videoconferencing
    4. Team Collaboration Tools
    5. File Sharing and Cloud Storage
    6. Cybersecurity
    7. Business Tech Advantages
  8. CHAPTER 4: Choosing Technology: Getting the Right Digital Tools for You
    1. Scale to Meet Your Needs
    2. First-Time Setup
    3. After the Sale
    4. Total Cost of Ownership
    5. Focus on Your Pains
    6. Upfront Costs
    7. Operating Costs
    8. Choosing Wisely
  9. CHAPTER 5: Time Management: The Result Is What Matters Most
    1. Being Productive
    2. Productivity Apps
    3. Monitoring Remote Workers
    4. Time Managing as a Whole
  10. CHAPTER 6: Group Tasks: Keeping the Teamwork in Your Team
    1. Remote Work Fatigue
    2. Encourage Boundaries
    3. Expenses for Home Office Needs
    4. Gratitude
    5. Collaboration Tools and Usage
    6. Too Many Video Meetings
    7. Results over Schedule
    8. Bring Back the Break Room
    9. Your People Are Your Best Assets
  11. CHAPTER 7: Client and Team Meetings: Making the Most of It
    1. A Quick Case for Virtual Meetings
    2. Before You Start
    3. Prepping Your Space
    4. Prepare Your Devices
    5. Prepare Yourself
    6. Etiquette
    7. Engagement and Communication
  12. CHAPTER 8: The Watercooler Has Moved—Engagement and Socializing Remotely
    1. The Impact of Social Isolation
    2. Be on the Lookout for Isolation
    3. Self-Assessment
    4. Combating Isolation
    5. Engagement
    6. Social Needs
    7. Company Values and Mission
    8. People First
    9. Notes
  13. CHAPTER 9: Generational Struggles
    1. The Generations
    2. There Is No Generational Gap at Work
    3. Work Styles
    4. Common Ground
    5. Notes
  14. CHAPTER 10: Creating the Right Remote Team Culture
    1. You Already Have a Company Culture
    2. What Is Company Culture?
    3. Maintaining Culture When Remote
    4. Cultural Fit
  15. CHAPTER 11: Operations and Administration
    1. Company Accounts
    2. Human Resources
    3. Losing People during the Switch
    4. Remote Hiring Process
    5. Attributes and Skills
    6. Remote Onboarding
  16. CHAPTER 12: The Complete Package
    1. Work Remotely with Added Confidence
    2. Make Your Space Your Own
    3. Team Strategies
    4. Technology Is Your Asset—Choose Wisely
    5. Scalability and TCO
    6. Make the Most of Your Time
    7. Keep the Faith
    8. Keep the Client and the Team Happy
    9. Be Mindful of Signs of Isolation
    10. Stay Social
    11. Generations and Personalities
    12. Leadership Grooms Your Culture
    13. The Right People
    14. The World Is at Your Fingertips
  17. Index
  18. Copyright
  19. Dedication
  20. About the Author
  21. Acknowledgments
  22. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Remote Work Technology
  • Author(s): Henry Kurkowski
  • Release date: October 2021
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119794523