Efficient Manufacturing
Real-World Applications of Lean Productivity
W. Edwards Demings central premise was that improvements in product
quality would increase productivity, improve competitive position, and help
ensure long-term survival. Point 12 of his landmark 14 Points for Management
says that managements job is to remove the barriers that keep people from
taking pride in their work. Thats exactly what this book is about.
Shedding new light on Deming’s 14 Points, Removing the Barriers to
Efficient Manufacturing: Real-World Applications of Lean Productivity
outlines time-tested organizational structures and methods to help you reduce
variability and deliver high-quality products consistently. It describes the financial
losses that can occur as a result of variability and details the specific activities
management must engage in to avoid these losses and ensure long-term
Instead of taking you on a “random walk,” the book supplies each manufactur-
ing group in your organization with straightforward directions for creating a
smooth-running facility with reduced variability. It includes “work assignments”
in each chapter that, if completed in the order presented, will guide you through
the creation of the Model Vision for your manufacturing facility. It also:
Covers key topics on working with people, including training and retraining
Supplies pointers for working with unions
Considers Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
Describes how to put it all together with action plans
The appendices include a write-up of Demings famous Red Bead Experiment
as well as an introduction to statistical process control techniques. Filled with
real-world examples and a case study to illustrate essential concepts, the book
arms you with the insight and common-sense approaches required to build on
Demings fundamental principles and consistently deliver high-quality products
that instill a sense of pride in your workforce.
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Real-World Applications of
Lean Productivity
Efficient Manufacturing
Daniel L. Ferguson
Real-World Applications of Lean Productivity

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