Chapter Twelve The Future of Reputation Strategy

Digital media has democratized the field of communications, toppling or unraveling the traditional hierarchies and disrupting the status quo. Today, most of us are connected through multiple social platforms and networks, nimbly living in an “always on” reality in which we can digitally buy, share, create, connect, and consume content in so many ways that it opens up a vast and exciting universe.

This always-on life has been 20 years in the making, first described circa 1998 as “A system that is online and ready to go 24 hours a day. Nothing has to be turned on or dialed up in order to use it. DSL and cable modems are examples of always-on technologies. . . .” Mobile technology is credited with propelling customer adoption of an always-on lifestyle in a relatively short period of time.

No wonder organizations have barely had a chance to catch up. This brave new digital universe holds up the perils for those who resist and those who are unprepared, leaving many committed organizations lagging way behind in their participating in the always-on reality with their users. Many organizations are wrestling with their mobile, data driven transformation and forecasts are hazy and unclear. Companies struggle to get the data they need activated at the right time in the right way. They find it challenging to use data effectively and collaboratively. There are also obstacles to generating trustworthy big data upon which businesses rest. ...

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