Chapter 5

The Third Pillar: Achieving Emotional Equilibrium


check Understanding what emotions are and their purpose

check Learning why emotions influence perception and behavior

check Using your emotions in a constructive way

check Achieving emotional equilibrium

Emotional equilibrium or balance occurs when you can objectively observe and accept your emotions without judging yourself, feeling the need to suppress them, or being overwhelmed by them, and instead use your emotions to heal, learn, and achieve growth. Emotionally resilient people are able to manage painful or difficult emotions, feel them without being consumed by them, and stay balanced despite the hardships they face.

This chapter will help you understand why emotions exist, how they influence your perception and behavior, and why achieving emotional equilibrium is necessary when working to achieve true resilience.

Emotions Exist for a Very Good Reason

Emotions are part of human nature. You have them for a reason. In the same way that the sensory fibers in your hand can tell you that the stove is hot or the bones in your ear ...

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