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Resource Management

Book Description


Resource Management is a practical guide that shows how to manage system resources to meet system and performance service levels. The theory of Resource Management is introduced and a detailed analysis of what is required to implement resource management in the Solaris environment is explored. The BluePrint includes examples of typical system workloads and how the Solaris resource management facilities and products can be used with these workloads. Workloads include Databases, File Services, Web Servers, Batch Tasks, and Internet Service Provider configurations such as ftp.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Figures
  3. Tables
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Preface
  6. Architecture
    1. Introduction
      1. Business Problems
      2. Scope
    2. Service Level Management
      1. Service Level Definitions and Interactions
      2. Resource Management Control Loop
      3. Viewpoints of Resource Management
      4. Integrated Methods
      5. The Consolidation Process
    3. Policies and Controls
      1. Policy Types
      2. Controls
      3. Subsystem Policies and Controls
    4. Workload Management
      1. Workload Analysis Tools
      2. Workload Analysis Products
      3. Internet Service Provider Workloads
      4. Commercial Workloads
      5. Batch Workloads
    5. Workload Measurements
      1. The SE Toolkit
      2. Measurement Levels
      3. The Application Resource Measurement Standard
      4. SAP R/3 Measurements
      5. Internet Server Measurements
      6. Process Information
      7. Accounting
      8. Storage Measurements
      9. Network Measurements
  7. Products
    1. Solaris Operating Environment
      1. When to Use Basic Solaris Features
      2. Processor Partitioning
      3. Limits
      4. Disk Quotas
      5. Configurable Kernel Limits
    2. Solaris Resource Manager Software
      1. When to Use SRM Software
      2. Solaris Resource Manager Functions
      3. Workload Configuration
      4. Decay Factors and Parameters
      5. Performance and Scalability Factors
      6. Monitoring SRM Software
      7. System Resource Accounting Information
    3. Dynamic System Domains and Dynamic Reconfiguration
      1. Dynamic System Domains
      2. Resource Management Controls
      3. Starfire DR-Detach and DR-Attach Timing Reference
      4. DR with and without DSDs
      5. Clustered DSDs
      6. Starfire Architecture
      7. Starfire DR Architecture
      8. Starfire DR-Detach Details
      9. Starfire DR-Attach Details
      10. DR I/O Device Driver Requirements
    4. Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software
      1. The Need for Bandwidth Management
      2. How Bandwidth Allocation Works
      3. When to Use Solaris Bandwidth Manager
      4. Where to Deploy Solaris Bandwidth Manager
      5. Solaris Bandwidth Manager Architecture
      6. LDAP Directory Integration
      7. Monitoring, Accounting, and Billing
      8. Customizing and Extending Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software
    5. Load Sharing Facility Software
      1. When to Use LSF
      2. Relationship to Other Solaris Resource Control Features
      3. LSF Resource Management Viewpoint
      4. LSF Functions
      5. Analyzing Workloads
      6. LSF Workload Configuration
      7. Parallel Jobs with Sun HPC
      8. Other Similar Products
    6. The Jiro Initiative
      1. The Storage Management Problem
      2. Storage Solution Requirements
      3. The Jiro Solution
      4. Jiro and Resource Management Possibilities
      5. Jiro Architecture
      6. The Java Community Process
      7. Momentum Behind Jiro
    7. Sun Enterprise SyMON 2.0 Software
      1. When to Use SyMON Software
      2. SyMON Software Architecture
      3. Resource Monitoring with SyMON Software
    8. IBM Workload Manager for OS/390
      1. Mainframe Data Center Resource Management
      2. Workload Manager Overview
      3. Defining Service Policies within WLM
      4. WLM Components
      5. WLM Control Architecture
      6. Typical Uses for WLM
  8. Glossary
  9. Index