he author would like to acknowledge all those who have supported him
and contributed to this edition of the book, without whom it would have
been impossible to present such information on this multidisciplinary topic.
Special thanks are due to following individuals and corporations who pro-
vided intellectual support or resources to strengthen the topics discussed in
this book.
Ihsan AbuGhazalah, Chairman, ALBAIK & AQUAT Food Industries
Rami AbuGhazalah, CEO, ALBAIK Food Services
Mark Beck, Account Executive, Coltrin & Associates, New York,
representing Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Chris Brandon, Public Relations, Domino’s Pizza
Michael Bullington, Archivist, McDonald’s Corporation
Mandy Burns, Marketing and Public Relations, Panera, LLC
Todd Burns, Vice President, Franchise Operations, Panera, LLC
Steve Caldeira, President and CEO, International Franchise Association
Alexxis Cardenas, Taco Bell Public Affairs & Engagement Team
Scott Carman, Director, Public Relations, Choice Hotels International
Patrick Doyle, President and CEO, Domino’s Pizza
Don Fertman, Chief Development Of cer, Subway Restaurants
Eric Gallender, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel,
McDonald’s Corporation
Alison Goldberg, Public Relations Specialist, Subway Franchise
World Headquarters, LLC
Craig Hoffman, Senior Manager, External Communications, IHOP
FM.indd xixFM.indd xix 12/08/14 2:55 pm12/08/14 2:55 pm
xx Restaurant Franchising
Steve Joyce, President & CEO, Choice Hotels International
Kris Kaffenbarger, Senior Vice President, Business Development,
Wendy’s International, Inc.
Al Litchenburg, Chief Development Of cer, Pizza Hut
Sarah Lockyer, Editor-in-Chief, Nation’s Restaurant News, A Penton
Restaurant Group publication
Kitty Munger, Director, Communications, Wendy’s International, Inc.
John Reynolds, President, International Franchise Association
Educational Foundation
Megan Saint-John, Communications Coordinator, Chili’s Grill & Bar
Julia Stewart, CEO, IHOP
Doug Terfehr, Director, Public Relations, Pizza Hut
Phai Yingprasert, Media Center Coordinator, McDonald’s Corporation
FM.indd xxFM.indd xx 12/08/14 2:55 pm12/08/14 2:55 pm

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