“In working with our franchisees, we aim high to mai ntain our brand
awareness but balance that with innovative marketing, advertising
and products that keep us on the top of our game while bringing
customers back time and again. The way we look at it, you’re in
business for yourself, but you’re never by yourself.”
—Pizza Hut
ranchisors provide a variety of services to franchisees as a part of the
franchise agreement. These services are the basic components of fran-
chising and therefore need careful assessment by any interested franchisee.
An examination of the franchise disclosure document reveals that a listing
Chapter 7.indd 213Chapter 7.indd 213 25/07/14 10:35 pm25/07/14 10:35 pm
214 Restaurant Franchising
of services constitutes a substantial part of it. Franchisees pay on an ongoing
basis for these types of services in the form of franchise, royalty, and adver-
tising fees.
Not all restaurant franchisors provide all the services discussed in this
chapter. Most restaurant franchises are either freestanding business-format
franchises or located in malls. Depending on the type of franchise, a variable
array of services is offered by the franchisors. The manner in which the ser-
vices are provided and performed delineates the ef ciency of the franchise
system. Providing services per the franchise agreement helps build strong
franchisee-franchisor relationships. Conversely, if services are not ef ciently
provided, it leads to friction between the franchisor and the franchisees. The
pro tability of a franchise system depends on both the franchisees and the
franchisor, and so these services assume considerable importance.
Franchisor services cover nearly the entire gamut of the restaurant
business, including one-time services such as site and building
development, and ongoing services such as training, purchasing,
marketing, and product development.
Franchisor services cover nearly the entire gamut of the restaurant busi-
ness, including one-time services such as site and building development
and ongoing services such as training, purchasing, marketing, and prod-
uct development. To facilitate these services, many franchisors maintain
regional of ces in territories where their restaurants are located. Field staff
personnel are employed to provide various functions of the services. Stan-
dard services provided by a franchisor are listed below and described in the
following paragraphs.
n Site selection counseling and assistance
n Assistance in building and equipment
n Training at different levels for franchisees
n Preopening and restaurant opening assistance
n Continuing counseling in the operation of restaurant
n Providing operational manuals
Chapter 7.indd 214Chapter 7.indd 214 25/07/14 10:35 pm25/07/14 10:35 pm
Sandard Franchisor Services 215
n Know-how pertaining to the menu, ingredients/formula, and method of
n Communication link between franchisor and franchisee
n Assistance in marketing, advertising, and promotion
n Permission to use trademark, service marks, and signage
n Franchise development and support
n Product development
n Purchasing and speci cations
n Materials development
n Maintenance and inspection of standards and controls
n Operational support of eld services
n Counseling on legal matters
n Financial assistance in maintaining and reporting transactions, account-
ing, and cost analysis
n Research and development
n Facilitating community activities and special events.
The rst step in building a restaurant is its location. Site selection is
important because the success or failure of a restaurant depends to a great
extent on its location. A careful assessment of restaurant sites by an expe-
rienced professional is necessary. Established franchisors have expert real
estate and property development staff and provide their assistance to franchi-
sees. A complete market feasibility study is undertaken that includes data on
overall market, population demographics, traf c patterns, site size and cost,
break even sales, and competition.
After the site selection, the design of the restaurant is the next important
matter. Design services are provided by franchisors, as described in the fran-
chise package and information brochures given to potential franchisees. For
example, McDonald’s Corporation, in its brochure, states that “The Company
applies the same analytic approach used in selecting its sites to designing its
buildings. An experienced staff of architectural, construction, and engineer-
ing personnel ensures that the McDonald’s restaurant facilities are among
the most technologically advanced and ef cient in the foodservice industry,
Chapter 7.indd 215Chapter 7.indd 215 25/07/14 10:35 pm25/07/14 10:35 pm

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