JAX-RS annotations

The main goal of the JAX-RS specification is to make the RESTful web service development easier than it has been in the past. As JAX-RS is a part of the Java EE platform, your code becomes portable across all Java EE-compliant servers. In this section, we will learn how to use the JAX-RS annotations for building RESTful web services.

Specifying the dependency of the JAX-RS API

To use JAX-RS APIs in your project, you need to add the javax.ws.rs-api JAR file to the class path. If the consuming project uses Maven for building the source, the dependency entry for the javax.ws.rs-api JAR file in the Project Object Model (POM) file may look like the following:

<dependency> <groupId>javax.ws.rs</groupId> <artifactId>javax.ws.rs-api</artifactId> ...

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