Chapter 10. Embracing hypermedia and the Semantic Web


This chapter covers
  • Hypermedia and why it’s important for RESTful web APIs
  • Hypertext and hyperdata support in Restlet to drive applications
  • The relationship between REST and the Semantic Web
  • How Restlet can expose and consume linked data in RDF


As you’ve seen in the previous chapters, the Restlet Framework was designed on top of REST, the architectural style of the web. One of the benefits of that is that Restlet can be used to build all kinds of web applications, classic websites (Web 1.0), RIAs and web APIs (Web 2.0), and now even Semantic Web Services (Web 3.0).

In this chapter we cover in detail one of the core REST principles: hypermedia as the engine of application state (HATEOAS). ...

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