Throughout our book, we have shared statistics and stories of the ascent of women, now dominating education and moving into positions of leadership; we spoke of the ascent of men, in their recognition of and advocacy for women's leadership; and we highlighted the ascent of neuroscience and our expanding awareness of the distinct yet complementary natures of men and women.

We presented the business case and showed conclusively that women on boards and on executive teams improve an organization's innovativeness, decision making, productivity, and financial performance.

And we brought it all together with solutions to help you rid your company's “plumbing” of bias. We showed you where systemic biases can clog up the works and what gender‐intelligent levers to pull in order to sustain an organization's gender diversity efforts and improve the intake, evaluation, promotion, and ultimate retention of its best talent.

“Richard, we also shared stories of male leaders in all kinds of industries who get it, are championing the advancement of women, altering the cultures of their organizations, and positioning them for greater success.

“I'd like to continue with recent stories of CEOs who had their enlightening moments, and through their leadership, took the steps to transform the culture of their companies and they themselves becoming active sponsors of advancing women in leadership. These men are of the 20 percent who get it and are doing something ...

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