Chapter 5

Do Due Diligence, Ditch Digital Dirt

In This Chapter

arrow Waking up: More employers trolling for online dirt

arrow Going all out when your reputation screams for repair

arrow Sidestepping future digital damage to your good name

arrow Proactively building a good name for yourself

A 40-something job seeker in the Northeast felt as though life was kicking him to the curb after four weary months of chasing job after job and never being called to interview. Eventually he discovered he was being mistaken for another man with the same name who had serious digital dirt: His namesake was involved in a Supreme Court obscenity case.

A 30-something single mother in the Midwest was fired from her job at a nonprofit organization — for something she did on her own time — the day after her boss Googled employees and discovered the mom was writing a sex blog.

A 20-something banking employee in the South was disappointed to learn that his good friend, who was interviewing for a job in the bank, lost out to another applicant because the interviewer checked the friend’s Facebook page and was turned off by ...

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