Chapter 6

Target! The Generic Resume Has Nearly Dropped Dead

In This Chapter

arrow Selling yourself as custom match for each job

arrow Moving instantly with Plug-and-Play resumes

arrow Tailoring your resume from A to Z

Your old one-size-fits-all resume is dated, obsolescent, moth-eaten, passé, antediluvian, and otherwise dumpster-ready.

Blame it on technology. Today’s employers are drowning in digital resumes because job seekers find them so easily clicked and sent — and send them they do! By the hundreds, by the thousands, by the millions! What’s a resume-soaked employer to do?

The 21st Century Resume Rush has caused most companies to use an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) to make the first cut of people applying for a job opening. After the software separates the possible from the worthless, human eyes take over. Recruiters surf the surviving database of possible hires to identify the best matches of candidate and job. After additional cuts, only the last candidates standing get the recruiter’s interviewing nod.

This chapter explains why your resumes go missing and reveals new time-saving techniques to increase your odds of making it over early hurdles.

Targeted Resumes Conquer Generics ...

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