Chapter 9

Creating Your Best Resume

In This Chapter

arrow Selling your value to people you want to work for

arrow Focusing your resume like a high-powered laser

arrow Selecting the format that flatters your image

arrow Comparing the good and the bad for each format

arrow Sampling superb but uncommon formats

How much are you worth to employers? Are you a top pick, a maybe pick, or . . . gulp, a no-hire pick? Your resume inspires their first best guess, so make sure it’s a compelling portrait of how your strengths and skills benefit the enterprise that you’re hoping will write your next paycheck.

No matter the platform, you need to show your value via a well-constructed resume. Construct a crisp and shorter new version for the smaller screens of smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, as well as the larger screens of desktop computers, laptops, and paper. The principles are the same: It’s not the size of the stage on which your resume appears that counts; it’s how much of your value it communicates.

Begin any resume ...

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