Chapter 12

Passages: Resumes for Your Life’s Changing Phases

In This Chapter

arrow Jumpstart your career right out of the gate

arrow Successfully continue your career no matter what

arrow Hop from the military into a civilian career

The economy is marked by passages — from schoolwork to adult work, from old work to new work, and from military work to civilian work. In the swirling pool of life, transitional passages occur when the lily pad you’re standing on sinks. At those times, you must take your destiny in hand and leap to another lily pad, preferably without drowning.

That’s why, metaphorically speaking, this chapter is dedicated to the swimming lessons that keep your head above water and ease your transition when you’re racing to a new lily pad. Within it you discover how

check.png Employers are inclined to view you

check.png You can manage their perceptions

check.png You land upright at your new workplace destination

Pay ...

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