Chapter 15

A Sampling of OnTarget Resumes by Experience Level and Age

Have reason to think that you have too much experience — or not enough — to rack up the job offers you want? Or that you’re too young — or too old? Or that even when you’re barely out of your mid-40s (a kid, really), you’re stuck in low gear? The sample resumes in this chapter show techniques aimed at downplaying negative perceptions about your experience or your age.

A text box atop each sample resume contains a mission statement — that is, what the job seeker aims to accomplish, which usually is a better job. The mission statement also includes the requirements for a specific position — or a summary of the typically requested requirements for an occupation or career field.

Within the mission statement, each of the job’s requirements has a number next to it. The same number also appears in the body of the resume next to the job seeker’s matching qualification for that requirement.

beware_sailing.eps The cross-matched numbers between a job’s requirements and the candidate’s qualifications shown here are just for illustration, not for your actual resumes.

These samples are intended to laser your attention to requirement-and-qualification matching, the single most important factor in causing your candidacy to get noticed in an online swarm of resumes.

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