Chapter 3

Going Mobile


Bullet Job searching anytime, anywhere, any way

Bullet Saving time with tips for mobile job search

Bullet Avoiding common mobile job search mistakes

The world is mobilizing (pun intended). Nearly five billion mobile phones are in use across the globe, and 95 percent of people in America are mobile phone subscribers, 77 percent of whom use smartphones. That’s a bunch. Tablets aren’t far behind with nearly 50 percent of Internet users in the U.S. having one. More than 1.2 billion tablets are in use worldwide. In a nutshell, numbers of mobile devices and their users are heading in one direction — straight up!

This historical mobile effect is obvious in everyday life: When the majority of mobilized people now leave their houses, they pack along these three things: keys, wallet or purse, and a mobile phone or tablet. How different is that from ten years ago?

A sizable and growing proportion of people — including resume-writing job seekers — get their daily information fix via their mobile devices. The mobile job search is quickly claiming star status because more of today’s working adults grew up with the Internet and accept technological change. However, if you’re ...

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