Chapter 6

Selecting the Best Resume Format


Bullet Understanding different resume formats

Bullet Selecting the format that best flatters your experience

Bullet Sampling superb but uncommon formats

How much are you worth to employers? Are you a top pick, a maybe pick, or … gulp, a no-hire pick? Your resume inspires their first best guess, so you want to ensure that it’s a compelling portrait of how your strengths and skills benefit the enterprise that you’re hoping will write your next paycheck.

One key element that comes into play is how you present information in your resume. You don't have to limit yourself to presenting your experience using the traditional reverse-chronological resume. In fact, unless you’ve had a traditional career history of rising through the ranks, this standard resume could hurt your chances of getting an interview. However, nontraditional formats can go awry if not mastered, so pay close attention to this chapter to understand the nuances of the different resume formats.

Resume Formats Make a Difference

Resume format refers not to the design or look of your resume but to how you organize and emphasize your information. Different format styles flatter different ...

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