Chapter 11

Refining Your Design


Bullet Considering design factors in digital resumes

Bullet Recognizing that small things mean a lot

Bullet Giving your qualifications room to breathe

Bullet Choosing an overall look for your resume

Good design is about more than simply looking good. Good resume design means making your document appealing and accessible for prospective employers. Making it relevant for the job you seek. Making it appropriate for someone in your shoes.

In today’s job market, content may be king, but getting a prospective employer to read it requires certain stylistic decisions that make it easy-to-read, attractive, eye-catching, and effective in drawing the prospective employer to the critical value that makes you stand out above the competition. You need to pay plenty of attention to your resume’s appearance in presenting your targeted content. Well-chosen resume architecture and design are like a guided tour, leading a prospective employer’s eyes to the factual tip-offs that answer these essential questions:

  • Why are you contacting me?
  • What can you do for me?
  • How do I know ...

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