Thomas Bauer, Benjamin Brudler, Boris Mittermüller

Video hasn't killed the radio star, and new media will not kill classical advertising. Although many retailers have started to shift parts of their marketing budget from offline to online vehicles, traditional media still play an important role in their marketing mix – and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Admittedly, a significant share of retail advertising budgets is allocated to local media: leaflets and local print ads are indispensable for ensuring targeted communication; see Chapter 14: “Leaflets and Local Print Advertising” for details. But to build strong retail brands and involve consumers on an emotional level, most will turn to a “big bang” ATL campaign.

In this chapter, we present a selection of some of the most successful classical campaigns in retail, and provide a structured approach that will help ensure retailers get their money's worth from traditional media advertising. The success factors discussed here have been developed over many years in cooperation with leading European retail marketing practitioners.

Yet while terms like “classical” or “traditional” advertising might suggest stability, we find that the world of ATL communication is actually quite dynamic. In recognition of recent changes and challenges, McKinsey has partnered with the German Advertisers Association, OWM, to conduct a series of interviews with media and communications professionals. ...

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