Reterminology: The New Language of Retirement

401(hey!): [fohr-oh-wuhn-hey]

The shocked response heard ‘round America when people received their 1st quarter 2009 401(k) statements. Audrey did a 401(hey!) when she opened her mail last week.

bingeified: [binj-ih-fahyd]

The act of justifying a big-ticket purchase because one has been previously frugal. Shannon had avoided Starbucks for an entire month, so she felt her trip to Maui was bingeified.

club famwich: [kluhb fam-wich]

A situation in which multiple generations of a family live in the same house. The Paulsens have taken on their aging parents, and two of their adult kids have moved back in—it’s the ultimate club famwich.

damnesia: [dam-nee-zhuh]

Prepurchase state of forgetting how badly ...

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