Play Retro Games on Current Consoles

Sift through the many classic collections on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Playing retro games with inexpensive plug-and-play hardware [Hack #15] is quite convenient if you don’t already own any video game systems. But what if you do? What if you’re used to using your Wavebird, Dual Shock2, or Controller S for all your gameplay, and want a retro game solution that will work with your system(s) of choice?

Well, there are quite a few game publishers willing to accommodate you. Now that retro fever has taken hold, you can buy collections of classic games, emulated or reprogrammed to play on modern-day gaming systems. Although they typically retail for a budget price of $19.99, the quality of the packages can vary. In this hack, I’ll give you the rundown on all the major classic game collections on the shelves, and some preliminary information on upcoming releases that will hopefully be out by the time you get this book.

Publisher-Based Collections

The compilations listed next feature a variety of games from a single publisher; sometimes encompassing all the games that a classic publisher ever released on a single system—and then some!

Midway Arcade Treasures.

The original Midway Arcade Treasures was one of the first retro collections to hit stores. As its name so aptly implies, it contains emulated versions of Midway’s classic arcade hits. There are currently two volumes in stores, with another on the way this year. They are available for PS2, GameCube, ...

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