Emulate Classic Computers on the Dreamcast

Get some serious use out of that Dreamcast keyboard you bought on sale.

Much has been said about the quality of the Dreamcast—it’s a fantastic game system, no doubt. When I was still playing Quake 2 on my PlayStation, Dreamcast players were fragging each other to bits in Quake 3. But that’s not why I love my Dreamcast—fact is, it’s one of the best choices for a dedicated emulation console. It plugs into my TV, is relatively small and quiet, and runs more emulators than I have time to play with.

Burning Dreamcast CDs

Burning Dreamcast CDs is very easy on Windows, but not too hairy on other platforms. If you’re a Mac OS X user, check out the tutorial at http://www.dcemulation.com/mactools.htm. If you’re on Linux, you will find help at http://www.dcemu.co.uk/linuxburn.shtml.

I used Selfboot on Windows to create a disk image. This program can create either a Nero (DAO or TAO) or DiscJuggler (CDI) CD image. You can download SelfBoot from either of these sites:


When you run the SelfBoot download, it will install itself on your computer. Open the folder where it was installed, and then run SelfBoot.exe. You’ll need to pick a top-level directory containing your emulator files, and then choose which type of image to create.

Once you have the image, you can use Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-software.com/) or DiscJuggler (http://www.padus.com/) to burn a ...

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