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Chapter 12
Power to the People of 
Revenue Assurance
Common Theme to Good Training
Eric Priezkalns
In a perfect world, everybody would get one-to-one tuition that was tailored for
their every need, whenever they received any kind of education� In this imperfect
world, our kids go to classes where one teacher takes a lesson for many children,
students may ll large halls to listen to the same lecturer, and lots of dierent
people will read the same book to get the knowledge they need� In this imperfect
world, what is common to good revenue assurance (RA) training, and what should
every RA practitioner learn?
A regular complaint made by pupils about the RA training they receive is that
it fails to be specicough the complaint is understandable, it is also indulgent
of the perspective of the pupil� Everybody wants to know what he or she needs to
knowBut who knows what you need to know, better than you? And why should
the RA practitioner in one communication provider need to know the same detail
as a practitioner in another communication provider, when those two providers use
dierent BSS to charge for dierent products sold over dierent kinds of network?
Splitting the world between xed-line and wireless providers hardly helps; from an
RA perspective, a retail-oriented xed-line communication service provider (CSP)
might be more similar to a retail-oriented mobile provider than it is to a wholesale-
oriented xed-line CSP� e complaint that training is not specic enough reects
a failure to appreciate a sense of scale� If a pupil of RA nds their training is not

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