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Chapter 15
Anecdotes from the Edge 
of Revenue Assurance
How to Make Bills Confusing
Eric Priezkalns
Now, I like to think I know a thing or two about telephone bills� So obviously I get
upset if I struggle to understand my own bill� Let me tell you a story about my own
home telecoms bill�
To begin with, let me set the scene� When I moved into a new house, being fond
of simplicity, I did the simple thing and opted for the xed line and broadband
service from the same providerBy doing so, I would get all my charges presented
on one bill, and have it all paid automatically each month from my bank account,
by the magic of direct debit�
After a year or so, I was getting tired of interminable technical diculties with
the quality of my broadband connection and the provider’s unwillingness to do
anything about it� I decided to switch to another Internet Service Provider (ISP),
while retaining my original supplier for my home telephone� e ISP transfer took
place on the expected date of September 1� As predicted, when I tried to log on
with my old provider that morning, their service was unavailable� Instead, I was
able to connect to my new ISP� However, when my September bill arrived from my
old provider, on September 6, broadband had been charged for the whole month
of September at a cost of £21�27 before tax� Obviously, I rang up and told them to
credit this as the changeover had taken place on September 1, meaning I should
not have to pay for the service from that date� ere was much discussion with
the customer services representative (CSR) (“but it says on my screen“well, it

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