Revenue Disruption: Game-Changing Sales and Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Book description

Strategies for any company to transform its sales and marketing efforts in a way that truly accelerates revenue growth

Revenue Disruption delivers bold new strategies to transform corporate revenue performance and ignite outsized revenue growth. Today's predominant sales and marketing model is at best obsolete and at worst totally dysfunctional. This book offers a completely new operating methodology based on a sales and marketing approach that recognizes the global technological, cultural, and media changes that have forever transformed the process of buying and selling. The dysfunctional state of today's corporate revenue creation model results in trillions of dollars in lost growth opportunities. Revenue Disruption examines the problems of the current model and offers real-world solutions for fixing them. It lays out a detailed plan that businesspeople and companies can use to fundamentally transform their sales and marketing performance to win this century's revenue battle.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: The Problem
    1. Chapter 1: It’s the Buyer, Stupid
      1. The New Showroom Floor
      2. Key Points
    2. Chapter 2: The Selling Cry of the Lonely Hunter
      1. It Takes a Village
      2. Revenue as a Process
      3. Key Points
    3. Chapter 3: Before and After Mad Men
      1. “They Laughed When I Sat Down . . .”
      2. Core Marketing Philosophies Take Shape
      3. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
      4. Key Points
    4. Chapter 4: Demand Generation Emerges
      1. Big Data Spawns Demand Generation
      2. The Rise of “Left Brain” Marketing
      3. Key Points
    5. Chapter 5: Sales is from Mars, Marketing is from Venus
      1. Stop Talking to My Customers!
      2. Sometimes Opposites Don’t Attract
      3. Toward a More Harmonious and Productive Relationship
      4. Key Points
    6. Chapter 6: The Sea Change Called Social Media
      1. Power Shift
      2. Transparency: It’s All Out There, So Deal with it
      3. Authenticity: Crowd-Sourcing the Truth
      4. Agility: Whatever Happens, It Will Happen Fast
      5. Key Points
    7. Chapter 7: Coffee’s Not Just for Closers Anymore
      1. Big Change is Already Here
      2. The End of “Telling and Selling”
      3. Encouraging Collaborative Communication
      4. Key Points
    8. Chapter 8: A Research-Based Perspective on Superior Revenue Growth
      1. Experience versus Fresh Eyes
      2. High Growth Means a Higher Marketing Percentage
      3. Coordinated Management of Marketing and Sales Matters
      4. Key Points
    9. Chapter 9: Leaving Trillions on the Table
      1. Key Points
  8. Part II: The Road to Revolution
    1. Chapter 10: The First, Crucial Step
      1. The Value of Real Change
      2. The Imperative for Growth
      3. Driving Growth by Changing the Marketing and Sales Dynamic
      4. Time to Commit to Fundamental Change
      5. Key Points
    2. Chapter 11: Is Revenue the Weakest Link in the Chain?
      1. Learning from the Six Sigma Revolution
      2. Continuous Improvement in the Demand Chain
      3. Key Points
    3. Chapter 12: The Power of a Revenue Cycle Process
      1. There’s More to the Revenue Cycle Story
      2. Water May Flow Downhill, but Leads Don’t
      3. Key Points
    4. Chapter 13: Marketing is Not a Cost Center . . . It is an Investment in Growth
      1. Who is in Charge of Your Company’s Revenue?
      2. Take a Page (or Two) from the Sales Playbook
      3. Winning Hearts and Minds
      4. Key Points
  9. Part III: The Levers to Revenue Transformation
    1. Chapter 14: People and Process; Art and Science
      1. Toward a Revenue Machine
      2. “Danger, Will Robinson”
      3. Key Points
    2. Chapter 15: The Nuts and Bolts of a Revenue Cycle Process
      1. Defining Your Revenue Cycle Model
      2. Walk Before You Run
      3. Farming Revenue
      4. Key Points
    3. Chapter 16: “Seed Nurturing”—Helping Your Buyers Find You
      1. Attracting Buyers across the Revenue Cycle with Content Marketing
      2. Help Your Content Get Found with Optimization and Promotion
      3. Transforming Awareness into Preference
      4. Converting Preference into Leads
      5. Key Points
    4. Chapter 17: The Art and Science of Nurturing and Scoring Leads
      1. Building Engagement and Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing
      2. Identifying the Hottest Leads and Opportunities with Lead Scoring
      3. Passing the Baton from Marketing to Sales
      4. Key Points
    5. Chapter 18: Making Every Sales Moment Count
      1. From the Serengeti to the Supermarket
      2. The High-Efficiency Human Touch
      3. Always Be Prioritizing
      4. It’s Easy Being Green
      5. Understand the Revenue Lifecycle
      6. Key Points
    6. Chapter 19: Shining a Bright Light on the Revenue Machine
      1. The End of “Half My Marketing is Wasted”
      2. Treating Marketing Like an Investment
      3. Go with the Flow: Measuring the Revenue Cycle
      4. The Power of Long-Range Revenue Forecasting
      5. Key Points
    7. Chapter 20: Technology for the Revenue Process
      1. Why Does Revenue Performance Management Need a System?
      2. Marketing Automation: A Critical Step on the Revenue Journey
      3. A Platform for Change
      4. Key Points
    8. Chapter 21: Never Forget the Creative Side of Revenue Creation
      1. Key Points
  10. Part IV: Putting the Pieces Together
    1. Chapter 22: Old Models
    2. Chapter 23: The First Steps on Your RPM Journey
      1. RPM as a CEO Imperative
      2. Creating “Team Revenue” within the Corporation
      3. Yes, You Gotta Buy Some Software
      4. Selecting an Initial Project Scope
      5. Creating a New Narrative for Change
      6. Key Points
    3. Chapter 24: To Win the Revenue Game, You Need a Playbook
      1. Driving Revenue Performance with a Common Playbook
      2. Key Points
    4. Chapter 25: Should You Appoint a Chief Revenue Officer?
      1. Hiring a CRO for All the Right Reasons
      2. Key Points
    5. Chapter 26: The Roadmap for Your RPM Journey
      1. Key Points
    6. Chapter 27: Viva la Revolution!
      1. The Power and Promise of Revolutionary Change
  11. Bibliography
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Revenue Disruption: Game-Changing Sales and Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth
  • Author(s): Phil Fernandez
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118299296