Cast of Characters

Image Bill Atkinson Jef Raskin recruited Bill to work for Apple in the spring of 1978. His work on the QuickDraw graphics package was the foundation of both the Lisa and the Macintosh user interfaces. Later, he single-handedly wrote MacPaint, the first great application for the Macintosh, followed by HyperCard in 1987. He co-founded General Magic in 1990 to develop personal intelligent communicators. Since 1996, he’s been a full-time nature photographer and has recently published a beautiful book of mineral photographs titled Within the Stone.

Image Bob Belleville After a stint at Xerox where he was one of the main hardware designers of the Xerox Star, Bob joined the Mac team in May 1982 as the software manager. In August 1982, he replaced Rod Holt as the overall engineering manager for the Macintosh division. He was one of the driving forces behind Apple’s LaserWriter printer, which introduced Steve Jobs to the Adobe team. He left Apple in June 1985 and worked at Silicon Graphics in the 1990s. He is currently retired from the computer industry.

Image Steve Capps Steve joined the Lisa Printing team in September 1981 after computerizing his high school library and learning about GUIs ...

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